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Pet Portraits & Commissions
Pet Portraits & Commissions
Pet Portraits & Commissions
Pet Portraits & Commissions
Pet Portraits & Commissions
Pet Portraits & Commissions
Pet Portraits & Commissions

Pet Portraits & Commissions

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Immortalize your favorite furry friends with an original pet portrait. These one of a kind, handmade portraits make great gifts for friends, family, or yourself!

Would you like a painting of something other than a pet or animal? I can do people, places, and things. Let's chat! 

  • Watercolor on paper or acrylic on mounted panel
  • Sizes: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, or other sizes upon request
  • Unframed* unless framing add-on is purchased
  • Watercolors come in a clear plastic sleeve with stiff backing for protection and acrylic paintings are mounted with wire for hanging
  • Free shipping on unframed watercolors; shipping on framed watercolors and acrylic paintings are the responsibility of the buyer and will be billed before shipping
  • 2-4 week turnaround time on watercolors, longer on acrylic paintings
  • Artist maintains image rights**
  • 50% deposit due to start the painting-please contact me if you would like to take advantage of this option.

*Painting sizes are standard, so it is easy to find the right frame at your local hobby shop. Having the painting professionally framed is always an option, too. If you're in Fort Wayne, I recommend Papier's Creative Framing on North Anthony Blvd.

Please email reference photos and any questions to


$125  5x7 Unframed Watercolor
$250  8x10 Unframed Watercolor
$400  11x14 Unframed Watercolor

$150  5x7 Framed Watercolor
$280  8x10 Framed Watercolor
$450  11x14 Framed Watercolor

$400  8x10 Unframed Acrylic Painting
$700  11x14 Unframed Acrylic Painting

$440  8x10 Framed Acrylic Painting
$750  11x14 Framed Acrylic Painting

$250  Image Rights

 **A note about image rights:

Artists retain all copyrights to artwork they produce and sell. This means I retain the right to make prints, stickers, etc. on all pieces, for marketing or for sale. Buyers are prohibited from making copies of their painting (except for pictures to show family, social media, etc). If you are interested in buying the rights to your portrait or products with its image, there is a $250 fee. Not sure? Send me an email at

Are you interested in having cards, stickers, or prints made of your painting? I can sell these to you at a reduced rate and minimum order quantity.