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Cat People Press Official Launch!

After years of pining after correspondence and cats, Cat People Press has been born. Piles of kittens and kibble await!

Cat People Press began with a single little illustration, by artist and owner Rebecca Stockert, of a cat holding a yellow bird, the bird’s wings spread out in the claws of the kitty. The illustration was postcard-sized and led to twenty-some poor souls getting holiday postcards in the mail of cats with dead trophies (FYI: watercolors on 100 lb watercolor travel remarkably well through the United States Postal Service; we never lost one and none arrived wet or damaged). Some people loved their morbid little gifts, others were horrified.

We thought this would be a great business idea: correspondence for cat people featuring their furry pals and their antics. As cat people, we found we had plenty of material for all the wonderful and woeful moments that occur with life with cats. Dozens of illustrations were created to design the inaugural 63 greeting cards being launched with Cat People Press. 

Cat People Press celebrates the special relationship humans have with cats. Cat people must have a certain tolerance for morbidity and darkness. Sweet as kitties are prone to be, how many cat people have not thought about what would happen to them if they died alone in their house with their cats? I’ll give you a hint: the cats would eat the human, if it came down to it. Dogs, they would starve to death with their owner, swallowed by their desperate devotion.

We have a great love for analog communication (i.e. snail mail). Even with current technologies of social media, email, and instant messaging, there is still a place in the world for the perfectly sweet birthday card or witty thank you card. There is something very special about holding a paper greeting card in your hands and seeing the script of your loved one’s handwriting. We want people break into a grin when they see that bright yellow envelope arrive in the mail.

The current collection features occasions such as birthday, coming out, thank you, encouragement, love, anniversary, friendship, and more. Next year, we will be adding more occasions to our lines such as condolences, get well soon, and apologies. If you have any desires for cat-themed greeting cards, drop us a line!

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  • Congratulations on your launch! Do you make personalized cards featuring people’s favorite pets? It would have been nice to have had a “Golem is Old and About to Die” party, featuring my likeness.


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